Name: Poola (ID# 18020503P)
Breed: JRT X
Gender: Female
Age: 3-5 years
Weight: 15.92 lbs
Spayed: Yes
Hello, I’m Poola and I’m looking for a place called home. I’m not too sure where to find it or what it is exactly, but I’ve heard good things about it. The place I was in before didn’t sound like home. I stayed in an area with lots of other dogs and had puppies all the time. People would come and take them away from me and then I had more. This went on and on and my litters were getting smaller. One day I heard someone say that I was useless and not needed anymore :( The next day a lady came and took me away in a car. I didn’t know her or what was happening or where I was going and I was scared. I was brought to the CDHS and met some people I had never seen before. I was placed in this thing called a kennel. It had a bed in it, warm blankets, a water dish and these fluffy things that squeaked. This was so very different from my old place. Was this home? My feet hurt from my nails being long. My mouth hurt from my rotting teeth. My ears hurt and had little scabs all over them. My skin was so itchy and dry and I smelled awful. My right eye is cloudy and the doctor said it looked as if it was fro a healed ulcer. The staff helped treat me and made me feel so much better. . . on the outside. Making me feel better on the inside is where things get tricky. I don’t know anything and I’m helpless. I’ve learned that my old life wasn’t a life, it was just an existence. I existed for the sole purpose of making puppies. I’ve missed out on everything from going for walks, to playing with toys, to understanding humans and what they really want from me. The shelter staff don’t ask anything of me. They take care of me without me even asking for anything. They pet me and although I’m scared, their hands feel so nice in my fur. They speak softly to me and they make me feel at ease. They told me that this place isn’t a home it’s just a stepping stone until I get one. I’d love a home with another dog that will take me on as a little side project. A home with humans that won’t give up on me when times get tough. A home without young children so the focus will be on me. I want to be the dog in the window that people see when they drive past my home <3 ~available for adoption at the shelter~
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