Romeo and Juliet
Name: Romeo and Juliet (ID# 17112505P)
Breed: Cockatiels
Neutered/Spayed: No
Romeo and Juliet were brought to the shelter as strays. Their cage was filthy dirty and so were they. The staff got their cage all cleaned up with fresh food, water and a lot of elbow grease! These two birdies were so happy to have such a clean house and they sang us some great tunes. Now we had to figure out if these guys would enjoy a bath. We filled a spray bottle with some water and gave them a nice misting. They LOVED it!!! The two of them would stretch out their wings and sing their hearts out. They aren’t hand tame, but are very social. Romeo and Juliet would love to be your new feathered friends :) ~available for adoption at the shelter for $50 with cage~