Dr. McDreamy
Name: Dr. McDreamy (ID# 17061703P)
Breed: Flemish Giant
Gender: Male
Weight: 13.6 lbs
Neutered: No
Dr. McDreamy arrived at the shelter as a stray. This big guy is awesome and weighs in at almost 14 pounds! Flemish Giants are considered to be the largest rabbit breed and are known for their docile nature and patience when being handled. Due to his size, Dr. McDreamy will require a considerable amount of living space to ensure ample opportunity for movement. He will require more food and will produce more waste than an average sized rabbit. Dr. McDreamy is quite social and enjoys human interaction. He likes playing with toys, eating fresh hay and veggies and exploring. He does not appear to be litter trained. Please research the breed to ensure you fully understand his needs before considering adoption. ~available for adoption at the shelter for $40 without cage~
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