Will Tweeton & P-Egg Bundy
Name: Will Tweeton & P-Egg Bundy (ID# 17051531P)
Breed: Cockatiel
Neutered/Spayed: No
Will Tweeton & P-Egg Bundy were surrendered to the shelter in hopes of finding a new home. They did live in a home with other animals, but we don’t know how much interaction they had with the others. These two were housed in an overcrowded cage that the vet believes may have led to some feather plucking. P-Egg has been treated with some antibiotics and anti-inflammatory's since her arrival to get her feeling better. They are both doing well now and are ready for a new forever home. Will & P-Egg do appear to be a bonded pair; however Will can get a bit bossy at times. We have found they do best in two separate cages that are kept close together so they can see and sing to each other. :) (To decrease their stress, we would like all of the birds to be adopted out in their cages) They are available for adoption at the shelter.